Lilly of Valley Fragrance Chakra Natural Body Perfume Oil Long-Lasting 10ML


  • Chakra Natural Pure Lilly of Valley Perfume Oil for Women Body Parfum / Blended with Essential Oils / Gift Pack Premium Long Lasting Skin Friendly Non Alcoholic Oil Based Fragrance 10ml
  • 100% Natural Perfume Oils
  • These oils have multiple usages. They can be used to stimulate.pleasant mood and can also be used to dispel pains and aches.
  • Use essential oils to promote health and wellbeing, naturally.
  • Always check contraindications before use.
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Our Natural perfume oils are blended with natural essential oils that are volatile compounds extracted through leaves, stems, roots, buds of different plants and are blended with natural aromatic compounds that carry fragrance which is free from any synthetic or chemical ingredients. These natural oil-based perfumes provide a rich and deep scent and are used as body roll-ons that do not harm the skin. The natural fragrances of these perfumes are also good for providing the healing benefits of aromatherapy. Natural perfume oils provide natural fragrances and are not synthetic perfumes that are flooded in a market with high chemical content. They are long lasting perfumes that can be applied on skin & gives pleasant fresh fragrance.
We design unique fragrances by blending natural essential oils with carrier oils without any use of harmful chemicals. We do more than simply creating scents, we craft memorable moments & kindle emotions with our unique fragrances & luxurious gift packaging.


Aqua, Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, dark blue, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Dark Purple, Gray, Green, Ivory, light blue, Light Brown, Light Green, Light Purple, Light Red, light yellow, Maroon, Mixed Colors, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, turquoise, White, Yellow


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