Hand Carved Natural Wooden Indian Lord Ganesha Statue


# A Painted Wooden Sculpture Of Indian Lord Ganesha.

# Symbolizes Positive Energy & Remover Of Obstacles.

# Size: 6.” x 3.1″ inches. Shipped Directly from India.

# Material : Hand-Crafted Indian Lord Ganesha statue made of wood.

# Completely Handmade By Indian Artisans.

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A sculpture handmade with the skilled expertise of the rural Indian artisans is a statue of the Indian God Ganesha. This wood handmade statue makes for an exquisite ethnic gifting item or a showpiece. Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and is a widely worshiped God form. Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings and patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. What better way to gift or adorn your mantle than with a meaningful ethnic showpiece of a concoction of great positive energy and great workmanship. Sturdy to look at light to feel this is an interesting gifting idea as an auspicious gift.

Aqua, Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, dark blue, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Dark Purple, Gray, Green, Ivory, light blue, Light Brown, Light Green, Light Purple, Light Red, light yellow, Maroon, Mixed Colors, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, turquoise, White, Yellow


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